Les meilleurs compléments de vitamines et minéraux
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The best vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamin and mineral complexes are very popular food supplements intended to provide, in adequate amounts, all the nutrients essential for life . Vitamins and minerals are naturally present in our food and people who manage to eat a healthy variety of foods can hope to meet their daily needs. In some cases, supplementation is recommended : for active people who have little time to cook, athletes with higher daily needs, as well as the elderly.

There are a plethora of multivitamin complexes on the market, including a few formulas that will suit you better than others. It is precisely according to this factor that you choose your product.

Zoom in on the best multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Why take a multivitamin?

Are multivitamins necessary?

Vitamins and minerals are components that are available in nature and in the foods we consume.

People who shop carefully, take the time to cook and eat with variety theoretically do not need to supplement with a multivitamin, except in the case of medical conditions that may require, for example, steroide shop erfahrung additional intake of vitamin D or folic acid, especially in pregnancy.

Batch cooking, utile mais menant à un manque de variété

In real life, we are all subject to some dietary irregularity, in the sense that we don’t always have time to roam the markets in search of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Take-out or batch cooking at the best of times exposes us to lack of variety and deficiencies.

Athletes are the most exposed to it because their diet, although most often rich in proteins and ideally dosed in carbohydrates and lipids, does not provide them with the variety necessary to fill up with essential minerals and vitamins.

Finally, the quality of our food is not the same as it was 50 years ago . The methods of production, transport and storage are not always ideal, which reduces the vitamin contents and destroys the hope of being able to feed oneself actively and efficiently with our food.

The main deficiencies

Age exposes us to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Most older people have lower than recommended levels of zinc, vitamin D, calcium, and B vitamins.

Vegan people are always deficient in vitamin B12 , unavailable in plants.

Very active people and athletes are exposed to multiple deficiencies because their body uses many more vitamins and minerals than sedentary people.

In general, and even if we do not deplore any noticeable sign, we are all (Westerners) exposed to certain deficiencies, including the most common:

Multivitamins: tailor-made food supplements

For which objectives?

Les vitamines sont mieux absorbées dans leur milieu d'origine: l'alimentation

The choice of a good multivitamin supplement depends above all on its objectives, but also and especially on its gender, pace of life, level of physical activity, state of health and … diet!

One point we want to clarify: a multivitamin enriches your diet but it does not compensate for junk food and dietary errors that make you sick and obese.

In addition, the body efficiently metabolizes vitamins and minerals when they are absorbed from their “home environment”.

So, make your diet a priority . Finally, know that the closer your complex is to your real needs, the more efficient it will be. So choose your vitamin supplement accordingly.

The basics of a multivitamin

  • A multivitamin contains, as the name suggests, several vitamins. Essential minerals must also be included.
  • Some brands add extracts of vegetables, fruits or algae such as spirulina, in order to “reconstitute” a natural environment favorable to better absorption.
  • Water soluble vitamins : B and C.
  • Fat soluble vitamins : A, D, E, K.
  • Essential minerals : calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, iodine.

Specific needs

Men need vitamin D and zinc to produce testosterone , so their intake should be higher than that of women.

Women should switch to supplements rich in calcium because their bone density decreases from the age of 20 . B vitamins should also be favored, especially biotin for the health of the skin, hair and nails.
During pregnancy , it is advisable to take supplements of folic acid, iron (in case of breastfeeding), calcium, vitamin D and iodine, as well as omega 3 rich in DHA.

Older people should supplement with a multivitamin rich in vitamin D, in order to strengthen the skeleton and prevent fractures. Also, higher intakes of vitamin B12 are recommended because adults over 50 years of age absorb it less well from food . Potassium should also be considered to reduce the risk of blood pressure and the chronic diseases that result from it.

The best multivitamin complex for athletes

Athletes have higher than average vitamin, mineral and antioxidant needs. They need it for energy production, to increase performance, optimize hydration and speed up recovery.

Higher levels

Always aim for higher levels of group B vitamins, in particular B1 and B6.
Vitamin C must also be very present, and if possible added in addition in the form of tablets dosed at 1000mg, and dispersed extended.

More antioxidants

Athletes train often and with a high workload, which requires a period of recovery during which the right nutrients must be provided, as well as the best ingredients to combat oxidative stress.

Antioxidants are compounds that reduce oxidative damage and accelerate recovery, in addition to better protecting the body.

Vitamin E and vitamin C are naturally antioxidants.

Athlète qui s'entraîne dur et qui peux être en carence.

But, for more effectiveness and protection, a supplement of Ginkgo biloba, selenium, Q10, sulfur amino acids or flavonoids is recommended.

The last word

The best vitamin and mineral supplement is the one that meets your needs and goals . Depending on your age, sex, level of physical activity and your diet, your choice will be a complex rich in B vitamins, or vitamin D, or antioxidants.

Always remember that the best multivitamin will never fill a lack of variety and balance, and taking care of a healthy diet should be your top priority.

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