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What exercises to lose weight quickly?

While diet is the key to losing weight, knowing how to increase your calorie expenditure through regular physical activity is an additional and extremely effective factor for success.
Some sports will be more influential than others on fat burning, but it is especially the regularity with which you can practice them that will be decisive. So, it is important to choose an activity that you like in order to keep motivation and get the best results.

In this article, we offer a selection of the best exercises to lose weight quickly .

Polyarticular exercises

Weight rooms are structures where all practitioners train with a goal. Gaining muscle mass, losing weight or exercising are easily attainable goals in the gym because all the equipment is available in self-service . In addition, gyms are more affordable today than they were a few years ago, with subscription plans not exceeding 30 euros, sometimes even 20 euros.


The deadlift, or deadlift, is an exercise that is practiced at the base in powerlifting, but it is also a component of physical preparation sessions for weightlifters, as well as in many other sports that require an overall development of strength and muscle mass.

For those looking to lose weight, the deadlift is a must that can literally transform the physique.

It recruits the glutes, back, arms and even abs.

Exercice du soulevé de terre ou deadlift

Above all, it engages a lot of energy to be achieved , even with light loads.

Best of all, it’s a movement that consumes energy for days after a workout!
To burn fat even at rest , consider the deadlift.

The squat

Like the deadlift, the squat is a movement that mobilizes several joints and muscles: the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back and abdominals.

Usually performed to develop the muscles of the legs and buttocks, the squat is an exercise that burns a lot of calories during its execution, but also during the days following the training as it is exhausting for the muscular and nervous systems.

Also, you don’t have to use heavy weights for this exercise to be effective. Simply performing the free barre movement requires balance and endurance, which puts a strain on the cardiovascular system.

The squat is a strength exercise, but its cardio component is immense .


Entraînement à haute intensité

Very high intensity training is a cardio activity that can be performed with or without equipment, indoors or outdoors.

Unlike classic cardio which is performed at low intensity and over a rather long period (30 to 60 minutes), HIIT is effective at very high intensity over a short period (20 minutes in medium).

The advantage of HIIT, besides burning more fat faster, is that it requires a longer recovery period than a traditional cardio session.

Thus, your body burns energy (calories) for 48 to 72 hours after a workout.

Lose weight quickly with HIIT

You can do HIIT cardio with weight training equipment , for example:

  • 20 reps in the deadlift
  • 30 seconds of active rest
  • 8 to 10 laps
  • You can also do HIIT outdoors or at home without any equipment:
  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds of knee raises
  • 8 to 10 laps
  • Or
  • 30 seconds of sprint
  • 30 seconds of brisk walking
  • 8 to 10 laps


Intensity and strength training aren’t your cup of tea?

Traditional outdoor running is an excellent exercise to lose weight quickly. It strengthens the heart, the respiratory system, burns glucose first, then fat .

So, to lose weight quickly with running, we advise you to reduce your starch intake to 50g per day , and to consume in addition a supplement of l-carnitine which will help you to better draw your energy from stored fat.

Course à pied, arme redoutable pour maigrir

Increase the effectiveness of your exercises to lose weight faster

The muscular efforts made for weight lifting movements and HIIT require a good dose of energy and motivation to be effective.

Thus, to multiply the effects of your physical activity on your figure , consider supplementation with a training booster containing caffeine, and if possible carnitine and green tea such as Lipo Lift HT from the Eiyolab brand, which concentrates the best ingredients to optimize fat burning during training.

Fat burners, in addition to increasing energy levels like pre-workouts, specifically target stored fat and promote their elimination during exercise. Also, they help reduce water retention, sugar cravings and increase metabolism so that the body burns fat even at rest.

Put the odds on your side by choosing the right exercises as well as the best formulas to multiply energy expenditure and lose weight faster!

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