Alimentation de type méditerranéenne

How to calculate and reach your ideal weight?

If you are used to slimming diets and are still looking for the ultimate solution to regain the line and keep it, you should know that there are several methods of calculation to know your ideal weight .

Knowing your ideal weight can help you better understand nutrition and better navigate the intricacies of macros calculating, hunger management and the stabilization phase.

How to calculate and achieve your ideal weight? The answers in this article!

Calculate your ideal weight

Here are the most common and accurate calculation methods to find out how much weight you should ideally weigh.


BMI is a clue that can tell if you are too thin, normal or overweight.

To calculate your BMI, divide your weight by your height squared:
Weight (in kg) / Height² (in m)

  • Below 16.5 : you are undernourished
  • Between 16.5 and 18.5: you are skinny
  • Between 18.5 and 25 : you are of normal build
  • From 25 to 30 : you are overweight
  • From 30 to 35 : you are obese
  • 35 to 40 : you have severe obesity
  • Over 40 : you have morbid obesity

Calculer son poids

This value, although global, allows you to situate yourself, to better assess the health risks and determine your ideal weight by applying an equation to an unknown.

However, these values ​​may not be precise enough for muscular people, especially athletes , who can achieve a high BMI while their abdominals are visible all round. ‘year.

Broca’s formula

According to this formula, the ideal weight corresponds to the height in cm – 100. This formula is approximate and does not take into account gender or morphology.

Ideal weight : Height (cm) – 100

Lorentz’s formula

This formula takes gender into consideration, an additional factor of precision.

Ideal weight : (height (cm) – 100) – ((height – 150 / 2.5 (woman) or 4 (man))

Creff’s formula

This formula is the most comprehensive of all because it includes factors such as age and body type.

Calculation of the ideal weight according to Creff’s formula:

((Height (cm) -100) + (age / 10))

Then, multiply the result according to its morphology:

  • By 1.1 for the slender
  • By 0.9 for large morphologies

The Monnerot-Dumaine formula

It is a matter of performing a calculation including the circumference of the wrist. This method is reliable because it takes into account the bones and morphology of each person.

Ideal weight : (Size (cm) – 100 + (4x wrist circumference in cm)) / 2

How to reach your ideal weight?

Grignotage et prise de poids

Before considering going on a diet or applying any dietary trick to find the line, first take stock to determine the causes of your weight gain.

We guess them for you:

  • You nibble
  • You often have an aperitif
  • You often leave the table with a too full stomach
  • You are not eating enough fresh produce, and not enough fruits and vegetables
  • You don’t play sports
  • You eat too fast
  • You eat too little protein
  • You are not drinking enough

In the list above, you have the main causes of weight gain, often cumulative over several years.

To reverse the trend, uncheck each line!

Also, you may find it useful to calculate your energy input and expenditure, because weight loss can only be observed with a calorie deficit.

Calculate your macros and calorie needs in order to choose the best foods and the best options for consuming less and expending more calories every day.

Don’t just focus on your weight

Lose weight or lose fat?
This is a point that is useful to clarify because many people swear by their body weight and set surreal weight goals or reduce calorie intake so drastically than weight collapses the first days never to descend again and, worse, to rise again .

Express diets help eliminate water, including that which lodges in muscle cells and fibers. This is how you get dehydrated, increase your acidity, and fail to lose weight.

Burning fat should be your primary goal . You may very well transform yourself by losing half the weight you thought you should lose!

Knowing how to activate fat burning is the most effective method for shape and figure, but also for health .

Give up diets and adopt the right diet

What if we told you that the best diet is not to feel on a diet?

A healthy diet is not just a tool to keep or regain the figure, it is also and above all your passport to longevity and better health.

Lunch and dinner

A Mediterranean-type diet, for example, has the advantages of being balanced, varied, tasty, rich in good fats and vegetables. It even allows a glass of red wine a day!

Just make sure that your protein, animal and / or vegetable intake covers at least 30% of your caloric intake daily.

To put it simply, each of your plates must be made up of at least one third meat, eggs, fish, soy or other vegetable proteins.

Alimentation de type méditerranéenne

The second third should be made up of vegetables, as varied as possible. By vegetables we mean low calorie vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, or green salad. Avocado, although it is a fruit and moreover in calories, is a permitted food .

The third third is your starchy foods. They should be the least refined and richest in fiber possible: sweet potato, oats, quinoa or spelled, as well as wild rice.

  • Season, a level tablespoon at each meal, with virgin olive oil.
  • Take omega 3 in addition
  • This type of plate will be your lunch and dinner.

Breakfast and afternoon tea

Breakfast will be rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats, as well as your afternoon snack. Choose from these 4 following models to create your breakfast and your snacks.

  • Whey protein (30g) and oatmeal (30g)
    Protein pancakes and spreads
    3 fried eggs, 30g wholemeal bread and peanut butter (15g)
    200g skyr, 10 almonds and 100g fresh pineapple

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